Cristianne Rodrigues

By the way, what is a curator?

1 April 2019

The curator, or curator, designs and implements exhibitions. It puts its sensitivity and know-how, as well as its culture, at the service of artists, museums, galleries and cultural centres.

The curator of photography, in particular, constructs his gaze in the light of the history of photography, art history and history. He reflects on the contact with the artist, before proposing a series of photos for exhibition.

Then, he writes texts to put the images in perspective and contextualize them. During the hanging, it proposes a relevant and sensitive arrangement of images and texts. The curator can also propose exhibition supports and scenography ideas: projection of images, setting to music or sensory approach. He is the masterpiece, the conductor, the one who interprets the photographer’s work to magnify his encounter with the audience.

It is, finally, il curatore: the one who takes care of works of art.

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